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High quality version of the film 'Gorgeous'

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Low download version of the film 'Gorgeous'

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Judith Lucy as Hermoine

Kris McQuade as Deidre

Mick Molloy as The Surgeon

Lynda Gibson     Tracey Harvey

 Denise Scott     Anthony Morgan

Susie Dee         Lorin Clarke

Lucia Clarke       Steve Baker

Produced at Catflap Animation

Animation Director

Maurice Giacomini

Animation Producer

Mark D'Arcy-Irvine


Mark Craste


Steve Moltzen


Junko Aoyama
Nick Harding
Greg Ingram

Clean-up & Inbetween Coordinator

Ian Anderson

Clean-up & Inbetween

Janine Dawson
Paul Baker
Eddie Mort
Luke O'Donnell

Voice Recordings

Labsonics - Steve Baker



Sound Editor

Andrew Plain


Kirke Godfrey

Picture Conform

Melanie Sandford

Sound Mixer

Robert Sullivan

Marketing Executive

Kaye Warren

Production Manager

Frank Haines

Production Accountant

Carolyn Johnson

Production Coordinator

Jane Manning

Production Assistant

Amanda Howitt

With thanks to

Ron Saunders

Written & Directed by

Kaz Cooke

Producer & Executive Producer

Sharon Connolly

Film Australia - Education Production Initiative

© Copyright Film Australia 1994